Equine viruses

Herpesviruses are large viruses with a linear double stranded DNA genome divided into three subfamilies, alpha, beta, and gamma. There are five types of equine herpesvirus (EHV) i.e. the three alpha-herpesviruses EHV-1, EHV-4, EHV-3 and two gamma-herpesviruses, EHV-2 and EHV-5.

Horses in Iceland are known to be infected with EHV-4, EHV-3, EHV-2, and EHV-5. Infections with these four herpesviruses usually cause little, or no, symptoms. However, EHV-1 which is the equine herpesvirus with the most severe pathology has never been detected in Iceland making Iceland the only country known to be free of EHV-1.

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