Keldnavegi 3 - 112 Reykjavík   

Sími: 585 5100

Fax: 567 3979


(Mán - Fös) 8:00 - 12:15  og 12:45 - 15:00


The Institute for Experimental Pathology operates according to a statute of the Icelandic parliament enacted in 1990.

It is an academic establishment and is affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine University of Iceland, with a special governing board and an independent budget.
The predominant aspects of the activities are basic and service research in veterinary medicin. The expertise is on the following disciplines: prionology, virology, bacteriology, parasitology, pathology, immunology, biochemistry and molecular biology.
Both animal husbandry and general farming are conducted at the Institute in connection with production, services and research. 
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