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Job vacancy at Keldur - Research Specialist in the area of veterinary immunology

Field of work
  • Academic and diagnostic research in immunology in connection with the health of domestic animals
  • Development in connection with research and diagnostic projects at the Institute
  • Consulting and guidance in the field of veterinary immunology
  • National and international scientific research collaborations and application for competitive research funds
  • Supervision of research projects and student supervision
Qualification requirements
  • PhD in the field of immunology
  • Postdoctoral research experience in the field
  • Research experience in immunology of domestic animals is preferred. Consideration will be given to how well the applicant’s research fits with the principal research fields of the institute.
Application process
Applications shall be sent to Baldvin M. Zarioh, project manager at the Division of Science and Innovation at the University of Iceland, bmz@hi.is.
Applicants shall include with their applications certificates attesting to their education and work experience, a CV with a publication list, a report on their scholarly work and other work they have carried out, and an outline of future research plan for the position. Applicants must make clear which of their publications, they regard as the most important regarding the advertised position (no more than eight publications should be selected). Applicants must include a copy of their most important publications with the application, or indicate where they are accessible in electronic form. When multiple authors are listed on a publication, the applicant must account for his or her own contribution to the work. The applicant should provide contact details of two referees.
The successful candidate will be hired for five years with the possibility of a permanent contract at the end of this period, cf. paragraph 3, Article 31 of the Regulation for the University of Iceland no. 569/2009. Processing of applications, evaluation of applicants' competence and hiring shall be in accordance with the Act on Public Higher Education Institutions no. 85/2008 and the Regulation for the University of Iceland no. 569/2009.
All applications will be answered and applicants will be informed about the appointment when a decision has been made. Applications may be valid for six months.
Salaries will be in accordance with the current collective wage and salary agreement between Icelandic Confederation of University Graduates (BHM) and the Ministry of Finance.
Appointments take aim of the equal rights policy of the institute.
The Institute for Experimental Pathology operates according to a statute of the Icelandic parliament enacted in 1990. It is an academic establishment and is affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine, University of Iceland, with a special governing board and an independent budget. The predominant aspects of the activities of the Institute are scientific and diagnostic research in veterinary medicine. The expertise is on the following disciplines: prionology, virology, bacteriology, parasitology, pathology, immunology, biochemistry and molecular biology. Many of the past and present research projects in immunology at the institute are based on international collaboration.
The Institute for Experimental Pathology at Keldur is a university institute focusing on basic veterinary research and diagnostic services. Information about the activities of the institute can be found on www.keldur.is.
Further information
For  information contact Professor Sigurdur Ingvarsson tel: (354) 5855123, e-mail:  siguring@hi.is.
Application deadline
Application deadline is May 4th  2020.
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